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Milton Masjid

511 Ontario Street Milton, Ontario, Get Directions
(905) 876 9299 |

Other Information

Total Capacity: 100
Female Capacity: 25
Female access: On request
Wudu facilities: Yes
Ease of parking: Good
Marriage Services: No
Funeral Services: No
Counselling services: No
Disabled Access: No
Additional Info:
Milton is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada.
As the city is growing so is our community. Currently, we do not have a
place where we can perform all our regular prayers including Jum'ah at
one common place.

Milton Masjid is an effort by the Milton's Muslim Community to
establish a House of Allah in the town of Milton. We need a masjid in
Milton to hold Juma'h Prayers with our community and have Qur'an classes
for the children and community activities at one common place. And most
importantly, as a community to be able to establish 5 Daily Prayers in a
single place.

Data last updated: 20 July 2009